Nová verze Contao CMS 2.9.2

Nová verze Contao CMS 2.9.2

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Redakční systém Contao pro snadnou tvorbu a správu webových stránek je nyní k dispozici v nové verzi 2.9.2. Tato verze redakčního systému obsahuje nejnovější nástroje TCPDF, MooTools a TinyMCE, stejně jako různé drobné opravy chyb.


Přehled všech změn:

2.9.2 (2010-12-02)
Updated TCPDF to version 5.9.023 (#2686)
Updated MooTools Core to version 1.2.5 (#2545)
Updated TinyMCE to version (#2702)
Updated mediaboxAdvanced to version 1.2.5 (#2701)
Added: allow external images in HTML newsletters (#2396)
Added: added insert tags for acronyms and abbreviations (#2478)
Added: add class "sibling" to pages on the same level in the navigation menu (#2419)
Fixed: do not allow insert tags in comments (#2499)
Fixed: check for custom layout sections during the theme import
Fixed: only send the comments notification once (#2407)
Fixed: skipping the first item of a news list did not work correctly (#2488)
Fixed: allow column width 0 in page layouts (#2554)
Fixed: consider the protocol when loading scripts from the Google CDN (#2450)
Fixed: textareas in the back end were cut off in Opera (#2404)
Fixed: the task history could not be collapsed (#2424)
Fixed: the link insert tags showed the page title instead of the page name (#2371)
Fixed: do not show empty fieldset legends in the form generator (#2625)
Fixed: preserve curly brackets when replacing simple tokens (#2597)
Fixed: the style sheet importer did not support some CSS3 selectors (#2566)
Fixed: textual date insert tags were not replaced when loaded from cache (#2644)
Fixed: the image insert tag did not output the image dimensions (#2529)
Fixed: clear the $_GET array after rendering the event list module (#2445)
Fixed: do not aggregate style sheets with a @font-face selector (#2443)
Fixed: news insert tags did not handle entities correctly (#2604)
Fixed: do not show the FTP and database passwords in the install tool (#2417)
Fixed: minor fixes for the TimePeriod widget (#2477)
Fixed: update the CSS files after an old version of a record has been restored (#2524)
Fixed: custom page templates were not shown in "override all" mode (#2494)
Fixed: incorrect event sorting (#2675)
Fixed: do not execute hooks in the extension manager (#2448)
Fixed: check for existing files when renaming files in the file manager (#2610)
Fixed: check redirect pages for circular references (#2704)
Fixed: fixed a few minor spelling issues (#2403)
Fixed some minor issues

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